Buddy Go Dutch meets TaskHero


Buddy go Dutch meets TaskHero

Working in Utrecht

While studying here in Utrecht, going to parties and planning citytrips across the Netherlands you might come across a small problem: money. Want to make the most of your experience abroad and ‘live the good life’? Or widen your network in Utrecht? You could sign up for TaskHero!

What is TaskHero?

TaskHero is a flex agency based in Utrecht. Our main goal is that you can work as flexible as you want, so you don’t have to worry that you miss out on your study or social events. We are not only flexible in date and time, but also in types of jobs. Do you, for example, prefer hospitality over administrative jobs? Or do you like all sorts of jobs? We will try to link you to your area of interest. In other words: You choose your own job on the date and time that you prefer best. We are therefore the most flexible job agency in The Netherlands. Ideal for you!

TaskHero and BuddyGoDutch

Finding a job as an international in Utrecht can sometimes be challenging. TaskHero provides various jobs for non-Dutch speaking students aligned with BuddyGoDutch.